Understanding Statistics in Microgaming Slots

When it comes to playing any casino game with a strategy, it is important for players to find and understand the statistics related to the game. Though most online slots games provide this information, Microgaming makes it easy.

Finding the Statistics

While on a Microgaming website that provides slots, players must know where to find the statistics information in order to access it. Here, it is as simple as clicking the 'STATS' button on the toolbar at the bottom. Afterward, a pop-up box will appear and show players all of the statistics related to their current gaming session. In free play games, players are only able to view general statistics.

Spin Results

The first set of statistics that players can view is known as 'Spin Results' and this is often viewed as the more important of the two sets. Here, players can determine how many spins they have played per hour and how long they have been gaming during any particular session. This way, players are better able to come up with a budget for per-spin wagers and the number of paylines on which to place bets. After all, a player with a $20.00 session limit will likely want to stretch that money as far as possible.

Highest Wins

The highest wins section is generally only provided for amusement purposes as it does very little to help players come up with betting strategies. The information available here serves to show players their three highest wins during any gaming session. If players are able to see how much they have won as opposed to how much they have wagered, they will be better able to determine whether or not Lady Luck is with them on that particular day.

Statistics are very important for players who gamble on a strict budget or who want to keep close tabs on the amount of money they win versus how much they spend. This way, players may be able to make better choices along the way.



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